Fellow Readers,

This year, same as well as last year, we received hundreds of e-mails from all of you asking about the very same thing: “Which fat burner should I choose to avoid wasting money?”

Granted, fat burners can greatly increase your fat loss by enhancing metabolism, maintaining healthy appetite, and minimizing food cravings.

However, many of you keep coming across various sorts of “magic pills” and the only “magic” thing about them is how mysteriously your money seems to be disappearing straight from your pocket and into the vain. As a result, instead of stubborn belly fat you were burning mostly piles of cash.

Why would you make such bad choices?

The most probable cause for all this is falsified ingredients list. Put simply, the manufacturer made some promises as regards to what’s inside his products, whereas in reality all these assurances turned out to be slightly off.

And since your average Joe has no way of performing laboratory tests on his fat loss pills, as consumer you can’t really prove anything.

Therefore, just like a year before, in 2017 again we’ve come to provide assistance and some valuable advice.

Every single fat burner and thermogenic substance you’re going to find below was chosen both by us and – most importantly – by you as the most effective and satisfying products on the market in 2017.

Also, there’s no “monkey business” around here since all these products undergo a series of clinical tests and laboratory checks which makes them safe and consistent choice for every consumer out there.


Also, make no mistake here – the true creators of this list are you – our real life ordinary Readers, both supporters and opponents of fat burners.

The group which took part in this test amounted to almost 5 thousand people from all over the Europe, using products for 60 days straight.

So without further ado let’s begin with your list of top fat burners for women in 2017.


Our criteria consisted of 3 categories (using the 1-5 school grading):

  1. POWER – first impressions on the intensity of a fat burner. Increased heart rate, more energy, motivation boost and others.
  2. EFFECTS – real tangible results from using a fat burner, i.e. fat loss.
  3. HEALTH & LONG TERM RESULTS – everything and healthy and unhealthy about using a fat burner: side effects, safety of ingredients as well as yo-yo effect/rebounce.


Category I. POWER

Hydroxycut Elite Shaper Cut Hi-Tech Lipodrene Fat Burner Gold Piperyne Forte
Metabolic boost 3 5 3 2 3
Increased thermogenesis 5 4 3 5 2
Mood and motivation 4 5 4 3 4
Rate of absorbtion 4 4 3 3 2
Score 16 18 13 13 11

As you can see from the above table our respondents quite unanimously noticed that a relatively new fat burner going under the name of Shaper Cut provides exceptionally positive influence on basal metabolic rate, leaving its opponents somewhat behind.

(To all our new readers – your metabolic rate is responsible for the net amount of calories you burn throughout the day, so the faster your metabolism “runs”, the more calories you burn, thus getting rid of fat.)

In particular, our testers reported increased rate of daily caloric burn when using Shaper – they could eat more food than it would appear from their macronutrient counters (ex. My Fitness Pal), while still burning fat.

Increased resting metabolic rate is one of the most searched for quality in every fat burner – the more calories during your weight loss diet you can eat, the more mentally comfortable your journey becomes.

When it comes to Power category Piperyne Forte also received good notes, as our respondents were particularly happy about its mood and motivation boosting capabilities.

In contrast when it comes to Fat Burner Gold  our team didn’t notice any positive changes regarding neither metabolism nor thermogenesis, which was clearly reflected in the score section. The reason for this is probably quite unfortunate choice of ingredients since the competition seems to have done much better within this regard.

What’s even more interesting, our Readers also reported a significant boost of everyday mood and motivation after testing Shaper Cut, which is commonly considered to be one of the most often lacking characteristic of modern fat burners, mostly due to a highly demanding technological process required to achieve such an effect.

When it comes to remaining parameters all five fat burners performed similarly with one exception – Piperyne Forte  apart from receiving good notes for increasing metabolism there was not much more to praise about when it comes to this product. Hopefully, we will see some improvement as the review unfolds.

Hydroxycut Elite , the old hand of fat burners, still remains within the top 3 but the abovementioned Shaper Cut follows hot on its heels, gaining 2 points of lead in the Power category. The competition between the two is going to be very exciting.


Finally, Hi-Tech Lipodrene  and Fat Burner Gold  so far seem to place themselves perfectly in the middle of the race, receiving not excellent nor disappointing notes from most of our respondents. However, choosing the former of the latter can make its case given their relatively attractive pricing, which we’re going to cover later on.


Category II. EFFECTS

  Hydroxycut Elite Shaper Cut Hi-Tech Lipodrene Fat Burner Gold Piperyne Forte
Fat burning 5 4.5 3 4 2
Body recomposition 4 5 4 3 2
Appetite suppresion 5 4 2 2 3
Thyroid sensitivity increase 4 5 2 5 1
Leptin-resistance improvement 4 5 4 2 1
Lipogenesis decrease 4 5 2 3 2
Score 25,5 29 17 19 11

Here comes the time for the part you’ve all been waiting for – effects.

When it comes to fat burning once again Shaper Cut and Hydroxycut Elite come head to head, with a slight advantage of the former.

We actually couldn’t believe that such a fresh product on the market could outrank such an old dog as Hydroxycut  but the data doesn’t lie.

Also, we run it twice to make sure there’s no mistake and apparently we have a new leader when it comes to burning fat in 2017.

And even though the 0.5 point of difference doesn’t make that much of a difference the pricing advantage of Shaper Cut when compared to Hydroxycut  is definitely not something to be sneezed at.

Once again Hi-Tech Lipodrene and Fat Burner Gold  turned out just fine, with slight advantage of the latter, whereas Piperyne Forte turned out to perform below expectations. We still hope it can surprise us in a positive way soon enough.

In terms of appetite suppression Hydroxycut Elite  turned out to perform better than Shaper Cut, however the latter scored highest notes within the body recomposition, thyroid sensitivity and leptin resistance improvement.

It seems than that Shaper Cut was designed to have a greater impact on our hormonal system which is considered to be responsible for most of our weight gains. Most recent studies have shown that it is indeed a matter of insulin, leptin and thyroid hormones (T3 and T4 mostly) that we become fat in the first place so it makes somewhat of a sense to target these areas with your product.

However, the question remains whether such an approach pays out in the long run, i.e. does it make any difference whether your fat burner fixes your hormones or not.


So far, even though Hydroxycut slightly outperformed Shaper Cut when it comes to fat loss, the latter received higher notes from our respondents on other important factors (body recomposition, thyroid sensitivity, leptin resistance improvement and lipogenesis) allowing it to once again secure a slight advantage in the race.



  Hydroxycut Elite Shaper Cut Hi-Tech Lipodrene Fat Burner Gold Piperyne Forte
Lab confirmed effectiveness 5 5 5 5 5
Safety of ingredients 5 5 5 5 5
Internal organs overload 4 5 3 3 4
Resting pulse increase 5 5 5 3 5
Long-term results 4 5 3 4 3
Sum 23 26 21 20 22

When it comes to safety of use all 5 fat burners are up there in our 5-point scale.

No wonder, all the ingredients mixed into each single product consists of previously tested substances which have been proven to work over the years.

The internal organs overload is a section judged mostly on subjective observations and blood tests performed on our respondents at the end of our 60 day tests.

When it comes to Hi-Tech Lipodrene  and Fat Burner Gold  about 30% of our Readers reported occasional stomach disorders and very mild pain around this area which is why their score was noticeably lowered.

When it comes to both Shaper Cut and Hydroxycut Elite  our testers reported none of the above, however blood work indicated increased amounts of ALAT, ALT and AspAT enzymes after a 60-day use of the latter, indicating that Hydroxycut  may have a negative impact on your liver, since these enzymes are responsible for liver cells regeneration.

The same issue was reported with Piperyne Forte  which, in return, performed quite nicely within other parameters of the Health category.

Also, in terms of resting pulse increase which commonly occurs along with excessive sweating all 5 of our fat burners did very well, with a slight exception of Fat Burner Gold  – some of our respondents noticed approximately a 15% increase of resting pulse rate for about 1- 2 hours after taking their morning dosage of this supplement.


Now, it’s the high time we reported to you the results of the last important parameter – long term results of tested fat burners.

And, once again, our best performing supplements turned out to be Shaper Cut. Our respondents’ measurements indicate that the yo-yo effect they experienced within 3 months since finishing their treatment amounted to approximately 4% of their previously lost body weight which is a very good result compared to Hydroxycut Elite  (15%), Fat Burner Gold (17%), Hi-Tech Lipodrene  (20%) and Piperyne Forte (22%).



  Hydroxycut Elite Shaper Cut Hi-Tech Lipodrene Fat Burner Gold Piperyne Forte
Power 16 18 13 13 11
Effects 25,5 29 17 19 11
Health & Long-term results 23 26 21 20 22
Total 64,5 73 51 52 44

Now, time for some grand final summaries.

As you can see, there is one clear winner – Shaper Cut managed to score a whopping 73 point, leaving its main rival Hydroxycut Elite  behind.

Even though the difference is not huge, in our opinion it’s worth giving this new kid on the block a try, especially if you’re aiming at quick and visible results.

You might be in for a big positive surprise.

Just as we expected while gathering feedback from you Hi-Tech Lipodrene  and Fat Burner Gold placed themselves just in the middle of the competition, receiving almost identical score each.

We can honestly recommend either of these products if you’re a bit tight on budget and burning a lot of fat quickly isn’t your main goal.

They’re a pretty good value for money and even though they didn’t receive such a positive feedback neither Shaper Cut or Hydroxycut Elite , they could potentially be of some use to most of you out there, if only you’re willing to support them with a consistent portion of daily exercise.

Lastly, Piperyne Forte  turned out to be quite a massive disappointment to most of our respondents. Poor fat burning characteristics and below-average fat loss make up for a product we cannot truly advise you to buy, even considering a good scores received in the last category (health & long-term results).

We hope you enjoyed our thorough test of best fat burners available on the market in 2017.

If you have any comments or thoughts to share, don’t be shy – use the comment section 😉


Here it is, at last!

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We proudly present you with the big whey powders rank you all kept nagging us about for months J.

We believe the key to best physique is nutrition, hard word and never wasting your money on poor quality supplements.

During last week our editorial office team managed to gather and sum up survey results coming from our readers. Our test group consisted of 150 both amateur and professional body builders between the age of 25-35.


You were testing 3 most popular whey powders currently available on the market:

  • Total Protein by MYPROTEIN
  • Informed Whey by Bulk Powders and
  • Designed Whey Advanced made by Designer Protein.

The participants were divided into 3 groups of 50 people, each testing the designated whey powder. The dosage was set at 30 grams per day post-workout, just like your usual daily intake of whey.

So, without further ado, below you’re going to find results of our big rank. Enjoy!


1st place – Total Protein (Myprotein)

Our no. 1 choice is the most advanced whey powder provided by Myprotein.

A whopping 48 out of 50 of our survey’s participants reported growth of muscle mass after one month of 30 gram daily supplementation.

The total growth of muscle mass weight measured within this group was 6,7%.

The product is available in a non-flavour version as well as Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Smooth, Strawberry Cream and Vanilla.

One portion of each contains the 24 grams of protein and it’s easily dissolved in water or milk what proves it’s high quality.

The relevant fact which also influenced our choice was the sugar content since Total Protein contains the lowest amount of sugar on the market yet.



  • High quality
  • Easily dissolvable
  • Low sugar



  • Price could be a bit lower


To sum up, look for the coupon code and try to catch your Total Protein in the best price. We can Highly recommend this product.




Strength increase: 5/5

Muscle Mass increase: 4/5

Taste: 4/5

Price: 5/5

Ease of dissolution: 5/5

Overall: 23/25



2nd place – Informed Whey (Bulk Powders)

After thorough analysis of our participants’ answers the Informed Whey was classified as second in our big rank.

Despite fierce competition with Total Protein Informed Whey had to resort to second place mostly because of unreasonably higher price.

The increase of muscle mass was reported around 6,2% and the strength level increased about 3,9%.

What’s interesting, the Informed Whey motto brand is: „Ignore the costs and just create the very best whey protein possible”.

The manufacturer achieved a huge success in terms of whey’s absorption.

Unfortunately, our experts didn’t take this category into consideration among general score factors but it absolutely deserves some credit.

Informed Whey comes in the following flavours: double chocolate flavour, Chocolate Chazelnut Biscuit, Salted Caramel&Walnut, Strawberries & Cream and Vanilla Bean.

The amount of protein in one serving is the 24,3 grams.



  • Good quality
  • Easily dissolvable
  • Good absorption



  • To high price

To sum up, if you are not on tight budged Informed Whey is the choice should consider



Strength increase: 4,5/5

Muscle Mass increase: 4,5/5

Taste: 5/5

Price: 2/5

Ease of dissolution: 5/5

Overall: 21/25


3rd place – Designer Whey Advanced (Designer Protein)



Designer Whey Advanced has taken the very last position based on the worst anabolic results compared to its participants.

The muscle mass and strength increase among them accrued to merely 3,5%.

On the other hand, Designer Whey Advanced whey powder was found to be above average in terms of taste.

The participants were testing the Vanilla Cookies & Cream flavour and they defined it as “delicious”.

Content of 25 grams of whey per a 30 grams’ portion does not translate to visible results, what could be a result of low level of whey absorption rate.

Designer Whey Advanced Powder contains no added sugar which is important to the people on cutting cycles.

To sum up, worth concerning if you are looking for a tasty whey powder but has a disadvantage in terms of absorption.




Strength increase: 3/5

Muscle Mass increase: 2/5

Taste: 5/5

Price: 3,5/5

Ease of dissolution: 5/5

Overall: 18,5/25



Brain Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) are one of the most popular dietary supplements in modern body building.

Its effectiveness cannot be underestimated which is why we decided to test top 3 most popular BCAAs on the market today:


  • Informed BCAA by Bulk Powders
  • BCAA by MyProtein and
  • BCAA by Onnutrition


Our 12-man editorial team performed a series of tests for the period of 2 months. After a thorough discussion and analysis we’ve come up with the winners.

Here we go.

1st place – Informed BCAA (Bulk Powders)


With a content of 18 grams of amino acids per 10 grams BCAA in an 8:1:1 ratio the Informed BCAA was classified as the no. 1 BCAA in our rank.

What is worth noticing is that this BCAA contains such high quality ingredients as Nitrates, Leucine Nitrate and Arginine Nitrate.

The Informed supplements line is characterized by the high level of ingredients’ absorption and this was clearly visible during our tests.

Clients can choose the taste of Orange&Mango or Black Rapsberry flavours.

Our editorial office team reported the delicious taste of both of these option.

But of course in order to see actual results it must be used by people who actively working out, and the Informed BCAA was tailored just to them.

Additionally, Bulk Powders are very strict when it comes to quality procedures. They are routinely testing every batch for banned substances and nutritional validity of their products.

To sum up, it’s 90% of our team chose this product. Highly recommended.




Price 3/5

Taste: 5/5

Dissolvability: 5/5

Absorption: 5/5

Overall: 18/20





2nd place – BCAA (Myprotein)

Our team has classified the Myprotein product as the second within our rank.

This situation should be attributed mainly to its poor dissolvability properties. Some of our teammates had problems with mixing it with water and it was a bit time consuming.

Manufacturer provides several types of flavours such as: Berry Blast, Bitter Lemon, Blue Rapsberry, Orange, Raspberry Lemonade, Tropical and Waterlemon.

BCAA by Myproiteng is a powerful supplement with an optimal 2:1:1 ratio of leucine, isoleucine, and valine.

Different flavours types contain different nutritional minerals but in average content of BCAA is 9 grams in portion of 18 grams each.

For sure it is worth considering as it is a good supplement with a good price tag.





Price: 5/5

Taste: 4/5

Dissolvability : 3/5

Absorption: 5/5

Overall: 17/20




3rd place – BCAA (Onnutrition)


This supplement is worth considering mainly because of its absorption and the same leucine ratio as presented by BCAA from MyProtein.

Manufacturer recommends to use this before or after training what makes it different than other BCAAs which are usually supplemented during the workout session.

Unfortunatelyn there is no possibility of choosing the flavour– there’s only the non-flavour option available.

As stated above, the points for this products were subtracted because of the poor absorption rate observed amongst our colleagues.

However still, there are some total lovers of this product as one editor from our editorial office always orders the biggest package of this very BCAA.





Price: 3/5

Taste: 4/5

Dissolvability: 5/5

Absorption: 2/5

Overall: 14/20


ABS Rank

5 Best Abѕ Muѕсlе Building Prоgrаm


Bеfоrе wе get intо thе exercises, let’s get оnе thing ѕtrаight. If you have a lауеr оf fat around уоur midѕесtiоn thеn уоu’ll never see your abs. You соuld have the bеѕt ѕix-расk in thе world, but nо оnе will еvеr know it if it’ѕ оbѕсurеd bу fаt. If thiѕ iѕ thе situation уоu’rе in, you need to firѕt fосuѕ оn losing fаt bу сlеаning-uр your nutritiоn аnd gеtting on a solid muѕсlе building program.


With thаt diѕсlаimеr out of thе wау, lеt’ѕ gеt tо ѕоmе аb-riррing еxеrсiѕеѕ!


  1. Hаnging Lеg Rаiѕе Or Knее Raise

You’ll need a сhin-uр bаr оr other оbjесt уоu саn hold on tо withоut your fееt tоuсhing thе floor. Yоur ѕtаrting position iѕ ѕimрlу hanging frоm the bar with your аrmѕ straight.

Frоm this position, bеnd thе knееѕ and bring thеm up towards уоur сhеѕt. You want to bring your knееѕ as high as роѕѕiblе. In fасt, if you are ѕtrоng еnоugh уоu ѕhоuld сurl up into a bаll bу leaning bасk slightly аnd bringing the knees uр аѕ high аѕ роѕѕiblе.


  1. Squats

Oftеn referred to аѕ thе king оf ѕtrеngth аnd muѕсlе building mоvеmеntѕ, thе еffесtivеnеѕѕ оf ѕԛuаtѕ iѕ unrivaled in tеrmѕ of building mаѕѕ and ѕtrеngth in the hаmѕtringѕ, ԛuаdriсерѕ, glutеѕ, muѕсlеѕ of the lоwеr back аnd ѕрinаl column, аnd уоur core. Assuming уоu back will аllоw it, thiѕ exercise should bе a staple оf уоur rеgulаr wоrkоut rоutinе.


  1. Ab-Wheel Roll-Out

Knееl on the flооr with thе аb whееl in frоnt of уоu. Hоld on to thе hаndlеѕ аnd рut thе whееl оn thе flооr dirесtlу in front уоu. Frоm here you ѕimрlу rоll the whееl out аѕ far аwау frоm you аѕ роѕѕiblе.

The kеу hеrе is tо make ѕurе уоu dоn’t rоll-оut ѕо fаr thаt your bасk аrсhеѕ. If уоur аbѕ аrеn’t vеrу strong thеn you won’t be аblе tо rоll-оut very far withоut this оссurring. Thiѕ рutѕ all thе ѕtrеѕѕ оn уоur lоwеr back and оff оf уоur abs. This iѕ dangerous аnd inеffесtivе. Onlу go аѕ fаr as уоur сurrеnt abilities will аllоw уоu tо mаintаin the рrореr роѕitiоn.


  1. Knееling Cаblе Crunсh

Thеrе is nоthing likе Crunсhеѕ tо wоrk thе аbѕ. These need no weights аnd wоrk wonders tо gеt thе washboard ѕtоmасh tо make оnlооkеrѕ drооl! Simрlу liе оn thе floor with your fееt flаt оn thе grоund аnd уоur lеgѕ bent. With уоur arms crossed оvеr соnсеntrаtе оn your rib саgе аrеа and ѕlоwlу bring your сhеѕt tоwаrdѕ уоur knееѕ. Thе imроrtаnt раrt оf this еxеrсiѕе iѕ thе ѕрееd which you dо it – bоth bringing thе body up and dоwn you ѕhоuld take it ѕlоwlу.


  1. Ab Rоll-Out

To dо thiѕ exercise, рut уоur knееѕ оn a soft mat, рut уоur раlmѕ tоgеthеr and place уоur wrists оn top оf a swiss bаll (уоu саn аlѕо рut thеm оn a book on thе flооr if you dоn’t hаvе a bаll). Thеn, slowly roll the ball оut until уоu fееl rеѕiѕtаnсе in your midsection. Pause briеflу and rеturn to thе ѕtаrting роѕitiоn. Yоu саn also dо this with аn аb whееl if уоur midѕесtiоn iѕ ѕtrоng enough.


Hello and welcome

If you haven’t read the first part of my review click HERE ,HERE and HERE

This time we were testing creatine monohydrate.

Each of our 12 people group from our editorial office was testing one of three creatine monohydrates for 2 weeks:

  • Creatine Monohydrate by MyProtein
  • Creatine Monohydrate by Pure Series and
  • Micronized Creatine Powder by Optimum Nutrition


We each took a 5 gram portion of creatine every day, just like you typically would.

We also divided each product into 5 categories: Taste, Strength increase, Price, Stamina and Dissolvability.

Here are the results. We hope you’ll enjoy the lecture.

1st place – Creatine Monohydrate (Myprotein)

This product is currently the leader among the rivals on the market.

Myprotein has been on the market for quite a long time now and most customers are very satisfied with their results.

As Supplement Advisor we share this opinion too.

Most of us noticed a tangible growth of the strength and stamina during our trainings using this products.

It has not only increased our results in terms of strength training but also in cardio sports. Creatine Monohydrate by Myprotein is not an overly expensive product and does not have to be considered as a big expense in your supplementation budget.

Also, there are various discount offers available on the Internet what makes it even more approachable.

To sum up, using this product will boost your results and give you more strength




Taste: 4/5

Strength increase: 5/5

Price: 4,5/5

Stamina: 4/5

Dissolvability: 4,5/5

Overall: 22/25



2nd place – Creatine Monohydrate (Bulk Powders)

It was a hard choice to decide on the winner of the rank.

The difference between no. 1 and no. 2 was really minimal and we had to carefully count all the points to identify the final leader.

We can recommend the Bulk Powders’ product to all the persons on cutting cycles.

Our editorial office members admitted a considerable increase of their stamina after supplementing this product.

The increase in strength was reported too with an average 4% of total weight.

We have to admire  the rate of absorption too – immediately after taking the pill you can feel a huge energy boost – the most significant we observed among all the tested products.




Taste: 4/5

Strength increase: 4/5

Price: 4/5

Stamina: 5/5

Dissolvability: 4,5/5

Overall: 21,5/25


3rd place – Creatine Powder (Optimum Nutrtition)







The position no. 3 was taken by a micronized Creatine Powder manufactured by Optimum Nutrition.

Despite taking the very last place other products weren’t significantly better than the Creatine Powder. A long time of absorption took our attention mainly and was a deciding factor when making it our 3rd choice.

We recommend taking a 5 gram dosage half an hour before a workout in order to maximize results.

We observed that it should be used rather during a bulking cycle than a cutting one.

This creatine works well and for sure you will gain better results in the gym when it comes to weightlifting. Because they come in the form of tablets we didn’t judge it on the dissolvability in the general summary.




Taste: 4/5

Strength increase:4,5/5

Price: 3/5

Stamina: 3,5/5

Overall: 15/20


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